Matt McCormick is a multimedia artist born in San Francisco in 1987. McCormick draws upon the American West and its associated imagery to realize an artistic vision that is as unique and dynamic as the topography itself. Within McCormick’s body of work, incompatible elements cohabitate with ease, which reflects the multitudinous and often conflicting histories of California. Here, as in his paintings and drawings, nostalgia for a fabled past collides with the realities of poverty and strife that confront him daily at his Downtown Los Angeles and New York City studios. The artist embraces these gritty aspects as equally formative to the Golden State as the homestead towns, gold rush bonanzas and 1920s Hollywood glamour that captivate the popular imagination. Surveying his body of work, one might encounter cowboys depicted in loose flurries of colored pencil, or monochromatic waves that evoke the natural beauty of the California coast. McCormick’s art embodies the true spirit of California, replete with renegades, risk takers and outlaws, each uniquely rendered with formal restraint and austerity.